'We Are What We Eat' 


I grew up with this philosophy instilled into me and it has never been a truer mantra said o me and one i hold close to my heart. My food is all made with LOVE and care, using good ingredients sourced locally where possible and organic. 

love veggies.jpg

The recipes are all ones that i make myself, most of them are sweet but there are few savoury! Healthy treats to munch on at work or with a cup of herbal tea in the evening. My boys love them too, sugar free and non processed, mostly RAW! Green Smoothies, Soups, Mung Bean Pesto Fettuccine, Cacao Balls and much more. 

Enjoy - They should all be fairly easy to follow, you can add different ingredients and mix and match it all about. I will be posting other recipes from other amazing health food sites- some of them are works of art.