Camilla Thompson 'The Wellness Coach'

Living a healthy life, respecting your body and treating yourself how you deserve to be treated will result in happiness, wellbeing and loving your body. 

My job, as The Wellness Coach is to help and guide you to achieve health and wellness through learning easy to follow life lessons . After years of studying Psychology, Life Coaching, Nutrition and Health & Wellness Coaching its time to impart some of what I've learnt to others and spread the love. 

Balancing the scales and moderation will be the key take away from everything I post, blog and talk about. There will never be lectures on whats right and wrong, just helpful advice on how to pick yourself up when you slip up and how to try to maintain a healthy balanced approach to wellness. 

My passion is to help people and organisations find balance and happiness through nutrition, movement and mindset. My inspiration to assist other families and individuals comes from juggling my own full time career with 2 growing boys (one growing husband), studying and all the whilst staying committed to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. 


Health and Wellness coaching is my primary focus and this can be done in the workplace, private session's, email, skype and on the phone. My goal is to help you to achieve balance and inner happiness through eating healthy and exercise. 


As a executive coach I help teach skills to unlock people's potential and maximise performance using various techniques. My previous experience as a small business owner of a sales company and a sales manager has enabled me pick up skills in helping motivate teams, goal setting and maintaining staff morale. 


I offer various different coaching techniques including NLP, Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, we can work together to find out the best collaborative approach to suit your needs. 

  • IECL - Organisational and Executive Coaching Accreditation, Sydney 2016 
  • University of Sydney - NLP Communications 2015
  • University of Sydney - Coaching Skills for Managers 2015
  • Diploma - Health Coaching - Institute of Integrative Nutrition | 2014
  • Diploma - Life, Workplace & Business Coaching - Life Coaching Institute Australia | 2012
  • Cert 1V - Life Coaching - Life Coaching Institute Australia | 2011

Courses Completed (Future Learn)

  • Nutrition & Wellbeing (University of Aberdeen)
  • Social Wellbeing (University of Edinburgh)
  • The Science of Nutrition (The Open University)
  • Mindfulness for Peak Performance and Wellbeing (Monash University)
  • Food as Medicine (Monash University)
  • Psychology and Mental Health (University of Liverpool)